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The Home for Unwanted Girls

Philomena meets Orphan Train in this suspenseful, provocative novel filled with love, secrets, and deceitthe story of a young unwed mother who is forcibly separated from her daughter at birth and the lengths to which they go to find each other.In 1950s Quebec, French and English tolerate each other with precarious civilitymuch like Maggie Hughes parents. Maggies English-speaking father has ambitions for his daughter that dont include marriage to the poor French boy on the next farm over. But Maggies heart is captured by Gabriel Phnix. When she becomes pregnant at fifteen, her parents force her togive baby Elodie up for adoption and get her life back on track.Elodie is raised in Quebecs impoverished orphanage system. Its a precarious enough existence that takes a tragic turnwhen Elodie, along with thousands of other orphans in Quebec, is declared mentally ill as the result of a new law that provides morefunding to psychiatric hospitals than to orphanages. Bright and determined, Elodie withstands abysmal treatment at the nuns hands, finallyearning her freedom at seventeen, when she is thrust into an alien, often unnerving world.Maggie, married to a businessman eager to start a family, cannot forget the daughter she was forced to abandon, and a chance reconnection with Gabriel spurs a wrenching choice. As time passes, the stories of Maggie and Elodie intertwine but never touch, until Maggie realizes she must take what she wants from life and go in search of her long-lost daughter, finally reclaiming the truth that has been denied them both....

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The Home for Unwanted Girls Reviews

  • Lisa

    Wow. Sobbing.

    The following is historical fact, which I knew nothing about. In the 1950s in Quebec, unwed mothers were forced to place their children in orphanages. However, the government paid the facilities $1.25 per child. So out of greed and really, hate, the government decided to turn all the orphanages into mental institutions. Those facilities received $2.75 per resident. Overnight, the government quit providing an education for the children and sent seriously mentally ill people to live

  • Libby Chester

    3.5 stars ‘The Home for Unwanted Girls’ by Joanna Goodman is based upon a tragic occurrence in Canada’s history. Duplessis orphans were sent to mental institutions as their reclassification would provide higher subsidies. They were called Duplessis orphans because this occurred when Maurice Duplessis was premier of Quebec. A Catholic, “he put the schools, orphanages, and hospitals in the hands of religious orders, noting he "trusted them completely" (1). Doctors interviewed orphans and falsely d ...more

  • Maureen Timerman

    This story takes place in rural Canada, near Montreal, and during a different period, the 1950’s. We are shown a family where there isn’t really a lot of love shown, the parents don’t seem to like one another, he is English and she is French, and like the Province they are like oil and water.

    A young couple get caught up and the result is an unwanted pregnancy, and at that time it was an embarrassment, and the child was put up for adoption, or so they thought.

    The author shows us a blight on histo

  • Eden Church

    Joanna Goodman has written a beautiful novel containing the entire range of emotions experienced by the human heart.

    The Home for Unwanted Girls tells the story of Quebec in the 1950s-1970s, but more specifically of Maggie, a young girl living in the Townships with an English-speaking father and French-speaking mother. At fifteen Maggie falls in love with the poor French boy from the next fair over. Under questionable circumstances, Maggie is forced to give up the child she becomes pregnant with

  • Betty

    During the 1950s in Quebec, teenagers Maggie Hughes and Gabriel Phénix fell in love. Their romance comes to an abrupt end when Maggie's parents find out their fifteen-year-old daughter is pregnant. When her daughter, Elodie, is born, Maggie is forced to give her up for adoption. A few years later, a new law results in orphanages being converted into mental hospitals because funding provided for patients is greater than what is provided for orphans—and Elodie is one orphan among many who is decla ...more

  • Angela M

    3.5 stars rounded up.

    Joanna Goodman does not shy away from focusing on some controversial things that happened in Canada’s history in this moving novel. She presents the divide between English and French in Quebec in the 1950’s both from a family perspective as well as a societal one.

    “Much like the province in which she lives, where the French and English are perpetually vying for the upper hand, her family also has two very distinct sides.”

    “The Eastern Townships is mostly farm country, contain

  • Kim Overstreet

    Set in Canada and spanning decades, this story of a teen mother who gives a baby up for adoption and her daughter caught in an orphanage converted to a mental institution is hard to put down. I consider most stories I have read about orphans (and dogs too) to have been poorly done - too many coincidences and obvious ploys to tug at heartstrings. I am happy to report that The Home for Unwanted Girls does not fit into that category! Joanna Goodman’s story is partially based on her mother’s life, a ...more

  • Nicole Evelina

    3.5 stars rounded up. Good book but the sheer brutality of the subject matter makes it hard to give it more stars. I tough but important read.