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My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

From the New York Times bestselling authors of Americas First Daughter comes the epic story of Eliza Schuyler Hamiltona revolutionary woman who, like her new nation, struggled to define herself in the wake of war, betrayal, and tragedy. Haunting, moving, and beautifully written, Dray and Kamoie used thousands of letters and original sources to tell Elizas story as its never been told beforenot just as the wronged wife at the center of a political sex scandalbut also as a founding mother who shaped an American legacy in her own right.A generals daughterComing of age on the perilous frontier of revolutionary New York, Elizabeth Schuyler champions the fight for independence. And when she meets Alexander Hamilton, Washingtons penniless but passionate aide-de-camp, shes captivated by the young officers charisma and brilliance. They fall in love, despite Hamiltons bastard birth and the uncertainties of war.A founding fathers wife...But the union they createin their marriage and the new nationis far from perfect. From glittering inaugural balls to bloody street riots, the Hamiltons are at the center of it allincluding the political treachery of Americas first sex scandal, which forces Eliza to struggle through heartbreak and betrayal to find forgiveness.The last surviving light of the RevolutionWhen a duel destroys Elizas hard-won peace, the grieving widow fights her husbands enemies to preserve Alexanders legacy. But long-buried secrets threaten everything Eliza believes about her marriage and her own legacy. Questioning her tireless devotion to the man and country that have broken her heart, shes left with one last battleto understand the flawed man she married and imperfect union he could never have created without her...

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My Dear Hamilton A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton Editorial Reviews Eliza Hamilton claims her own place in American history.This latest in the recent onslaught of Hamilton novels The Hamilton Affair, by The Hamilton Lauren Relationship Bob Arnebeck The Hamilton Laurens Relationship The gay historian, Jonathan Katz, contends that Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens had a homosexual relationship while both were Hamilton Theatre TV Tropes Hamilton dying well before his old age, well before many of his children were old enough to live on their own Eliza spends the rest of her life making sure Alexander Hamilton Study Guide Analysis GradeSaver Hamilton Questions and Answers The Question and Answer section for Hamilton is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Auburn Public Library Catalog Search Don t qualify for a resident APL card If you live or work in Lee, Coosa, El, or Tallapoosa county, register with the Horseshoe Bend Regional Library online Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Barnes Noble Ron Chernow, the renowned author of Titan whom the New York Times has called as elegant an architect of monumental histories as we ve seen in decades, vividly re Download the Revolution Hamilton Broadway Cast The track Broadway cast album of the new musical Hamilton, a fusion of hip hop and pop driven musical theatre, is released digitally Sept Download Hamiltunes George Washington s hair found in an th century George and Martha Washington were close to the much younger Alexander and Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, according to Ron Chernow s Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Featured Authors Gaithersburg Book Festival Elliot Ackerman, author of the critically acclaimed novel Green on Blue, is based out of Istanbul, where he has covered the Syrian Civil War since . The Other Alcott A Novel A People Magazine and POPSUGAR pick May s adventures illuminate the world of intrepid female artists in the late s The Other Alcott comes alive in its

My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton Reviews

  • Carol (Reading Ladies)

    For fans of “America’s First Daughter” and all fans of histfic, my full 5+⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of “My Dear Hamilton” is on my blog. What you need to know is that It’s my fav read of the year so far!. Eliza Hamilton is an inspiring woman, patriot, loving wife, political partner, loyal friend, supportive sister, and devoted mother of eight. Read my full review to find out more about this feisty, adventuresome, supportive, faithful, intelligent, independent, devoted, and compassionate woman. Can you tell I ...more

  • Stephanie Thornton

    Eliza Hamilton assumes her rightful place as one of America’s founding mothers as she guides first her husband and then her fledgling nation into the annals of history. My Dear Hamilton is historical fiction at its most addictive!

  • Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)

    My Dear Hamilton was my #1 highest anticipated book of 2018 and I'm so very glad to say that it was everything I wanted and it even exceeded my expectations, which is something that almost never happens. It's the best book I've read this year! Now it's been almost a week since I finished reading My Dear Hamilton (while I'm writing this review) and I have such a book hangover from the book. I can't keep my attention to any other book I want to pick up because nothing else is and will be as good. ...more

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    First I want to say that this is a book that I was really thrilled to get the chance to read. I fell in love with the cover the first time I saw it and I was intrigued by the blurb. And, I'm glad to say that the book was just as good as I had hoped it to be.

    My Deat Hamilton is a massive novel, almost 700 pages and it took me around 2,5 days to read it. I was lucky enough to have a weekend off and let me tell you that it's the kind of book that that, despite the size of it, never get boring alt

  • Julie Barnard

    This was a wonderful and fascinating book. It’s called a novel, and I don’t know how much was true and how much was fiction. I imagine though that it is mostly true. Since I am not a history fanatic, I knew very little about the details of the Revolutionary War, and found a lot of new information. Definitely worth reading.

  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    You can read this and all of my reviews at Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine.

    Prior to reading this book, I was not wrapped up in all of the Hamiltonmania. I have not seen Hamilton on Broadway. I have not listened to a single song on the soundtrack. That has all changed, my friends. I am a believer and it’s all because of this book! I’m stalking Stub Hub and entering the Hamilton lottery on a daily basis. I’m on the verge of spending a ridiculous amount of money on tickets. If the play is as good as this book, i

  • Meg - A Bookish Affair

    "My Dear Hamilton" is the story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, a woman who came from a storied family who goes on to marry one of America's founding fathers. It would be easy to define Eliza as simply Alexander's wife but she was so much more than that. I have been obsessed with the Hamilton musical for awhile now and Eliza has always struck me as a particularly interesting character. It was this that originally made me interested in reading this book but once I got into the book, I found that Eliz ...more

  • Andi (A Literal Hottie)

    2 stars

    It's not a bad book, I mean it's about America's history but I found it so boring. I wanted more juice, like more of the drama between Angelica and Eliza. After finishing the book I understand why that's not the focus but in general Eliza was too forgiving which made me not like her at all. Since the book is about her, that would explain why I didn't enjoy this one. If you love American history or Alexander Hamilton is your thing then I would recommend it, otherwise skip it.