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Donovan was shot by a cop. For jaywalking, supposedly. Actually, for arguing with a cop while black. Four of the nine shots were lethal--or would have been, if their target had been anybody else. The Foundation picked him up, brought him back, and trained him further. "Lethal" turns out to be a relative term when magic is involved.When Marci was fifteen, she levitated a paperweight and threw it at a guy she didn't like. The Foundation scooped her up for training too."Hippie chick" Susan got well into her Foundation training before they told her about the magic, but she's as powerful as Donovan and Marci now.They can teleport themselves thousands of miles, conjure shields that will stop bullets, and read information from the remnants of spells cast by others days before.They all work for the secretive Foundation...for minimum wage.Which is okay, because the Foundation are the good guys. Aren't they?...

Title : Good Guys
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780765396372
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Good Guys Reviews

  • Chris

    *copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*

    Good Guys is a new urban fantasy novel from Steven Brust. Brust is the author of the long running Jhereg fantasy series. Urban fantasy is, thus, a slight departure for him, but I’m happy to report that it’ a rather fun read, and one which is willing and able to explore the ethical and moral dimensions of what are, in effect, magical powers.

    The world is one familiar to any of us. Late-stage capitalism rules the roost. It’s our world, fast cars, skyscr

  • Margaret

    I really enjoyed The Good Guys by Steven Brust and highly recommend this book to all urban fantasy & secret history fans!

    This was a tightly constructed, spare novel with no wasted words. Very impressive!

    I especially enjoyed how Steven Brust managed POV in this book.

    I also particularly enjoyed this world itself [I'd love to take a slipwalk (teleportation where the person has to do the work and literally "walk" to the destination), even though this is an expensive technology that drives Budge

  • Tim Hicks

    Meh. A decent read, but I expect more from Brust.

    This one felt as if it could have used more work in the planning stage.

    I agree with the many people who said "too many points of view."

    Also too many convenient links between the characters.

    I did like the idea of the two sides not being so much opposed as just not in agreement.

    We got a big setup about the characters being paid minimum wage for a rare skill, but in the end it turned out not to matter much, other than establishing a relationship

  • Bradley

    Fairly light UF superhero fiction with traditional powers, relics, and mystery.

    Of course, it's fueled by quasi-governmental agencies and assassinations that may or may not be justified, but the real joy in the novel comes from the mystery.


    Increasingly interesting and gory effects murder.

    But to whom? And why?

    The guilty. :) You know all those bank people who busted the economy, or the a-holes who focused on all their specialty pet projects but completely ignored the plights of the common

  • Judy Lesley

    Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan - Tor/Forge for the galley.

    Definitely 4.5 stars.

    Okay, this was so very, very good! I've been trying to figure out how to begin reading some of the Steven Brust books but there are so many my head would just spin around whenever I tried to decide on a jumping off point. So this book, a new series, proved to be just the right place. I was definitely impressed with the writing, plotting and just general storytelling ability of Brust. I want this crew back entertain

  • Spartacus

    A bit of a fun read, but ultimately perplexing and unsatisfying to me.

    Some of the characters big decisions felt capricious. Hey, here's this person you thought was a good guy doing a bad thing! Hey, here's a bad guy now wanting to be a hero! ('Oops, my bad! Sorry about that attempted murder, maybe I'll go do something good next.') While I suppose this fits with the books consideration of what it means to be a good (or bad) guy, generally speaking people don't vacillate between murderous and sain

  • Melissa Jane

    Not bad, but not great. I can't help but comparing this book to the Vlad Tatos books and having this fail spectacularly. The author has proven how well he can write fantasy and I urge him to go back to it.

    I enjoyed that the Foundation and the Mystics were pretty much the same with differing philosophy. I liked how the MC and his crew had strengths that complimented one another. There was way too many POV and I feel something vital was taken from the story because of this.

    One of the things that

  • Scott Frank

    So..I'm going 3 stars, though I really feel it's a 3.5 (I looked at the overall rating agglomerate and decided to rate it either 3 or four, in the direction of averaging to 3.5, and it's at 3.8 right now, so...3 stars).

    It's a very Brustian take on the urban fantasy, Dresden-files type genre. Meaning the plot it put together like clockwork, and there's no real way you would figure out where it's going, exactly, until the end (that is, it's not like clues are dropped early on and you would figure