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Donovan was shot by a cop. For jaywalking, supposedly. Actually, for arguing with a cop while black. Four of the nine shots were lethal--or would have been, if their target had been anybody else. The Foundation picked him up, brought him back, and trained him further. "Lethal" turns out to be a relative term when magic is involved.When Marci was fifteen, she levitated a paperweight and threw it at a guy she didn't like. The Foundation scooped her up for training too."Hippie chick" Susan got well into her Foundation training before they told her about the magic, but she's as powerful as Donovan and Marci now.They can teleport themselves thousands of miles, conjure shields that will stop bullets, and read information from the remnants of spells cast by others days before.They all work for the secretive Foundation...for minimum wage.Which is okay, because the Foundation are the good guys. Aren't they?...

Title : Good Guys
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ISBN : 9780765396372
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Good Guys Reviews

  • Susan

    If you want an author to carefully explain to you who his characters are and how they relate to each other, this is probably not the book for you. Donovan Longfellow and his team of two are North American investigators for the Foundation, a secretive group that split off from an even more secretive group called the Mystici, their rivals and, in ways that Donovan doesn't yet know, their colleagues. The main thrust of the Foundation is to keep the existence of magic a secret, so when an assassin s ...more

  • Carla

    Great supernatural fantasy!

    I have long been a fan of Brust's Vlad Taltos books. This is completely different. Written in several voices instead of one, it still manages to be an unbroken story, slowly building in action. The characters including the bad guys are pretty well developed, the hero is complex. A really good read.

  • Ron

    In a rare non-Vlad Taltos novel, Steven Brust drags the willing reader in to a world much like our own except that magic is available to a few people based on their genetics. At present there are two magic organizations in the world, both strive to keep magic underground, they just differ in ethics and funding. The fun comes when a disgruntled whistle-blower found out that the SEC official to whom he sent info on bad loans had not taken regulatory action, but rather a bribe which led to loss of ...more

  • Nick Spacek

    my new way for judging if a book is worth sticking with is whether or not it trusts you as a reader. if a modern novel begins 'it all started when ...' or some variation of that, it can fuck right off. good guys kicks off in media res, and while there are flashbacks and a bit of expository dialogue sprinkled through brust's novel, the author trusts that he's a good enough storyteller and that you're a smart enough reader to catch on to what he's doing.

    it's a detective thriller with magic, basica

  • Victor Catano

    A fun premise - a secretive organization that polices magical crimes - and interesting characters make for a good read. I loved the interplay between the three main investigators and their different skill sets. I found some of the plot to be needlessly complicated (and I’m still not entirely sure how the two rival organizations are related) and some key plot points kind of handwaved away (Hackers can do anything!) Still, it was a fun start to what I hope is a longer series.

  • Penny Noble

    I have never read this author before reading this book, and I’ll probably read another one by him in the future. I had a hard time getting into this book, but once I did, the book flowed pretty smoothly. This book definitely had an interesting premise, and I did like the characters even if I found them a little two-dimensional and wish we had gotten to know them a little better. This is the beginning of a series, I believe, so maybe in the next book this will be remedied. One other tiny annoyanc ...more

  • Marci

    This was a fun read where you would never quite know who you were suppose to believe and what was going on. Great for fans of the Incrementalist series as well as perhaps The Magicians. Thanks to Edelweiss for the prepub.

  • Xenophon Hendrix

    This is an entertaining stand-alone fantasy novel by Steven Brust. The primary setting is the modern United States. I think the novel makes an interesting counterpoint to the Alex Verus novels of Benedict Jacka. Neither of the two main groups of sorcerers has actual rules about hurting the normies; they're just worried about giving away the game. One of the ideas running through Brust's book is how wicked that is.