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For readers of Gillian Flynn and Donna Tartt, a dark, propulsive and addictive debut thriller, splashed with all the glitz and glitter of New York City.They go through both bottles of champagne right there on the High Line, with nothing but the stars over them... They drink and Lavinia tells Louise about all the places they will go together, when they finish their stories, when they are both great writers-to Paris and to Rome and to Trieste...Lavinia will never go. She is going to die soon.Louise has nothing. Lavinia has everything. After a chance encounter, the two spiral into an intimate, intense, and possibly toxic friendship. A Talented Mr. Ripley for the digital age, this seductive story takes a classic tale of obsession and makes it irresistibly new....

Title : Social Creature
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ISBN : 9780385543521
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 273 pages
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Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton Social Creature is a wicked original with echoes of the greats Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn Janet Maslin, The New York Times For readers of Gillian Flynn Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton, Hardcover Social Creature is a wicked original with echoes of the greats Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn Janet Maslin, The New York Times For readers of Gillian Flynn Social Creature A Novel Kindle edition by Tara Social Creature A Novel Kindle edition by Tara Isabella Burton Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like Sociality Wikipedia Sociality is the degree to which individuals in an animal population tend to associate in social groups gregariousness and form cooperative societies. A Tale Of Obsession In Social Creature NPR NPR s Lulu Garcia Navarro speaks with author Tara Isabella Burton about her debut novel Social Creature It s a dark tale of characters willing to do World s Most Dangerous Creature Toilette Humor cartoons, toilet humor, humour, The Great White, farting whale, world s most dangerous creature, loo cartoons World s Most Dangerous Creature Part Spore the Game and Spore Creature Creator Nurture your creature through five stages of evolution cell, creature, tribe, civilization, and space Or immerse yourself in Spore s Creator tools. Frankenstein Thesis Statements and Essay Topics Below you will find five outstanding thesis statements paper topics for Frankenstein by Mary Shelley that can be used as essay starters. Social Studies Games PBS KIDS PBS KIDS Social Studies Games More Games Wild Kratts Underwater Challenge Use your creature power suit skills to help Aviva in the ocean Play Now Horror Channel FILMON TV FREE LIVE TV MOVIES AND SOCIAL Horror Channel is the UK s first channel dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television With an eclectic mix of ground breaking and genre defining content

Social Creature Reviews

  • Kaceey - Traveling Sister

    Well…now that was about as different as it gets! Bizarre, shocking, dark, and did I mention bizarre?! If your interest is piqued, then this is a must for your summer reading.

    Lavinia has it all. She’s young, rich and drop-dead gorgeous. She resides in the heart of New York City where the night scene is her own private play-ground.

    On the other side of town, and calling Brooklyn home, Louise is living a very different lifestyle. Somewhat older, not nearly as glamorous and surviving pay check to pa

  • Liz

    Louise is poor. Lavinia is not. Lavinia takes Louise under her wing. Lavinia is young, lacking in common sense, with a very aggrandized sense of herself. Louise sees an opportunity and takes it. How much would you put up with to live the rich lifestyle? And what would you do to maintain it?

    First warning - The characters here are all unlikable. Lavinia, especially, was just so obnoxious, so pretentious, so needy it was hard to see why she was so popular. The supposedly so desirable lifestyle com

  • Liz Barnsley

    I read Social Creature using the literary equivalent of watching a horror movie with a cushion over your face, peering out over the top of it. I was compelled ever onwards but almost didn't want to look...

    It starts off quietly enough - Louise has nothing and she meets Lavinia who has everything. Louise wants what Lavinia has and Lavinia is more than happy to give it to her. At first. Of course surface sparkle hides inner darkness and you can never really know the truth of someone else's existenc

  • Shannon

    Thank you to Doubleday Books #partner for sending me Social Creature. I buddy read this one with my fave! I started this yesterday and was finished by this morning. Social Creature was strange and weird but in a good way. Different, I’d say.

    Louise Wilson is living in NYC working three jobs in hopes to becoming a writer. One of her jobs is tutoring students for SATs. Lavinia Williams contacts Louise to help her younger sister get ready. Well, a night of tutoring leads to actual babysitting. Lavi

  • Tammy

    Although I haven’t read enough of the upcoming summer books to be sure, this may well be the beach read of the season. The plot is one that we all know well: young, socialite takes poor small-town girl under her wing and obsession ensues. It reads fast and reminded me of Bight Lights Big City with more than a dash of The Luckiest Girl Alive thrown in for good measure. Burton captures NYC wonderfully including the vast disparities between working class Sunset Park, Brooklyn to the glitzy world of ...more

  • Nazanin

    DNF @ 20%

    Why this one didn’t work out for me:

    I didn’t like the writing, it was a bit strange for me and a bit confusing at some point!

    It contains very looong chapters! It’s 270 pages with only 10 chapters and even I read 20%, still the second chapter hadn’t been finished!

    I got bored! Nothing happened, just two seemingly friends were happy and having good times at parties!

    But I should say it was me and not the book because most of my friends loved this! So don’t listen to me and read it, hope you

  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆

    I really enjoyed this novel and thought the storyline was unique. I qucikly became invested in the story and this book surely grabs your attention! The only thing that bugged me is the characters got on my nerves at times but hey it happens. Overall I think it was a good read and not your everyday thrill either. I recommend this novel!😀

  • Nikki (Saturday Nite Reader)

    You know how most thrillers keep you on edge a bit throughout the book and typically towards the end there is that “hold your breath” moment. Well, for me this happened at the halfway point of this book and my heart and chest hurt right until the very end.

    It wasn’t an overwhelming, constant pulse – but more a slow and growing build up of “how the heck is this going to play out?!” I was on the edge of my seat most of this book, not waiting for a twist: waiting for the ball to drop.

    Louise is twent