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Devotion (Why I Write)

The national bestseller from the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, exploring the nature of creative invention A work of creative brilliance may seem like magicits source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist accomplish such an achievement, connecting deeply with an audience never met? In this groundbreaking book, one of our cultures beloved artists offers a detailed account of her own creative process, inspirations, and unexpected connections. Patti Smith first presents an original and beautifully crafted tale of obsessiona young skater who lives for her art, a possessive collector who ruthlessly seeks his prize, a relationship forged of need both craven and exalted. She then takes us on a second journey, exploring the sources of her story. We travel through the South of France to Camuss house, and visit the garden of the great publisher Gallimard where the ghosts of Mishima, Nabokov, and Genet mingle. Smith tracks down Simone Weils grave in a lonely cemetery, hours from London, and winds through the nameless Paris streets of Patrick Modianos novels. Whether writing in a caf or a train, Smith generously opens her notebooks and lets us glimpse the alchemy of her art and craft in this arresting and original book on writing. TheWhy I Writeseries is based on the Windham-Campbell Lectures, delivered annually to commemorate the awarding of the Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literature Prizes at Yale University....

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Devotion (Why I Write) Reviews

  • Ada


    Les dues parts autobiogràfiques (la 1 i la 3) m'han agradat més que la part del mig, que és una història curta que va escriure durant un viatge a França. Sí que m'ha agradat força, he trobat que els personatges estaven ben construïts, però no he acabat de captar què volia fer amb ella, la història no m'ha semblat ben resolta. Però vaja, sempre és un plaer llegir la Patti.

  • Lulufrances

    Patti Smith is one of my favourite humans that I don't know.

    I wish I would, though, I feel like I could curl up for hours and listen to her speak on all sorts of topics, mainly art and literature - which is why I am so fond of her writing that seems like personal journal entries.

    This tiny book had two of those sections and one longer tale in the middle which I thought was easy and fun to read (she does know her craft, sentences like hot buttered toast), but left me colder than her intimate recou

  • Michael Bohli

    Gewisse Menschen wollen nicht schreiben, sie müssen. Auch Patti Smith gehört dazu und widmet sich mit "Devotion" den Hintergründe der Tätigkeit und ihrem Ansporn. Auf typisch poetische Weise erzählt sie von ihren persönlichen Gedanken, ihren liebsten Bücher und Autoren und ihrer Umgebung. In der Mitte des kurzen und hübsch gestalteten Buches hat sogar noch eine Kurzgeschichte Platz gefunden und Smith beweist damit, dass ihre Sprache und ihr Schreibstil einfach wunderschön sind. Ein Buch zum Geni ...more

  • Michael

    Smith's opening essay gives a snapshot of the weeks in her life leading up to the composition of the title story. I found the essay fascinating; beautifully written and transporting. She allowed me to feel like I was her journey's companion, sharing her coffee, experiencing the sights, sounds and feel of the places through which she was travelling (even when she was staying somewhere, absorbing its atmosphere, it felt like Patti was looking to the next place, and these memories and sensations we ...more

  • Freesiab (Bookish Review)

    It was so beautiful, delicate, passionate and lovely. It's more of a novella, so it's quite easy to finish in a day. Does she ever write a book that's not perfect? Maybe she'd adopt me?

  • Janet

    A worthwhile addition to the Patti Smith library. "Devotion" beautifully describes Patti Smith's attitude toward the creative life, as anyone who has read M Train or Just Kids can attest.

    This tiny volume is divided into three parts. The first, "How the Mind Works" is not analytical but illustrative. It starts, "Somehow, in search of something else, I stumbled upon..." A film about Estonians deported to Siberian collective farms in 1941. Images from the film. The difficulty of capturing images

  • Terzah

    Part of a series called "Why I Write," this quick read from Smith features a novella she wrote sandwiched between a chapter describing the circumstances surrounding the novella's creation and another chapter ruminating on inspiration in general. It was an enjoyable window into her creative process.

    My favorite passage came at the end: "What is the task? To compose a work that communicates on several levels, as in a parable, devoid of the stain of cleverness. What is the dream? To write something

  • tortoise dreams

    An expanded version of Patti Smith's 2016 Windham-Campbell lecture, part of the Why I Write series.

    Book Review: Devotion is a book written by an artist. Patti Smith exists as an artist. A musician, poet, photographer, memoirist, reviewer, Patti Smith is all of those, none of those, more than those; she's an artist. All is art to her, and as such, she is both more and less known than she might be. Devotion is made in three parts, but more than three parts. This tiny book holds so much: two brief