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THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo is a startling and timely debut which presents a world as unique and vividly imagined as STATION ELEVEN and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS and explores what it is to be human in the digital age. It makes us. It destroys us. The Feed is everywhere. It can be accessed by anyone, at any time. Every interaction, every emotion, every image can be shared through it.Tom and Kate use The Feed, but they have resisted addiction to it. And this will serve them well when The Feed collapses.Until their six-year-old daughter, Bea, goes missing.Because how do you find someone in a world devoid of technology? And what happens when you can no longer trust that your loved ones are really who they claim to be?...

Title : The Feed
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ISBN : 9781472241894
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 355 pages
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The Feed Reviews

  • Betty

    The Feed connected the world, making everything instantly accessible in your mind, thanks to an implant. The implant gave people immediate access to news, social media, and communication. Even memories could be stored for later access. Turning off your feed and "going slow"— living in the moment and talking aloud— wasn't easy. The Feed was addictive, and once you had it, you never wanted to be without it. So it's no surprise that when the Feed collapsed, the world collapsed right along with it.


  • Ellen

    A stunning debut! I absolutely loved The Feed and have had to leave my review for a day to get over the book hangover it gave me. I was also left with that itchy brain feeling when a book totally gets under your skin and explores the darker locations of your imagination bringing to the surface even darker thoughts.

    The Feed is a cautionary and timely tale of how much we rely on social media; the internet is streamed directly into your brain and your memories/dreams etc are saved in something sim

  • Joanne Robertson

    I promised my daughter recently that I would try to read more books in her preferred genre and she would then agree to read a few more psychological thrillers! She reads a lot of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction and often has a few zombies running around her kindle as well! So when I saw the blurb for The Feed I thought it sounded like a book that we would both enjoy. But weirdly enough we had quite different reactions to it and not what you would expect from our usual preferences! She found it ...more

  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks

    The Feed is a solid, well-written, but pretty traditional dystopian novel. Definitely recommended for dystopia fans! I expected something more ground-breaking from it, and maybe more powerful or adventure driven, but it's more of a slice-of-life. However, I enjoyed this book, and I'll try to give you my reasons why. Read the full review here on the blog.

    The Pace

    While I enjoyed The Feed, my biggest problem was with the pace. Things didn't really take off up till maybe 70% into the book, a

  • Lucy Hay

    Strong, post-apocalyptic read with an excellent, highly original concept at its heart, THE FEED is atmospheric and thought provoking. The characters are not your 'usual' and I really enjoyed the flipping between Tom's and Kate's POVs, plus The Feed 'updates' were particularly well done. I wish in some ways we'd seen more of the apocalypse itself in 'real time' as The Feed went down, but the sucker punch ending more than makes up for this. Suitable for fans of THE STAND by Stephen King and DEFEND ...more

  • Stacey Camp

    **5 Goodreads Stars**

    "Who did you first share your thoughts with? It was the most intimate feeling, wasn't it? Nothing between you, no way to lie, just pure and perfect thinking. All of us, plaited together."

    "The space we create, that we forge with our lives - that's what we have to protect. We work hard for such an inconsequential space, but it is absolutely everything to us."

    Nick Clark Windo's The Feed is a beautifully written, darkly intense dystopian novel concerning the future of humankin

  • Kate

    I've tried reading this twice now but again, and for the last time, had to admit defeat, abandoning it at p.79. The premise is too unbelievable and implausible, the characters too difficult to care about.

  • Blair

    The prologue of The Feed is a snapshot of future society just as it begins to crumble. As they spend the evening in a restaurant, Tom is trying to persuade his wife Kate to switch off her Feed, if only for a few minutes. The Feed is an invention that's transformed human life, making it possible for everyone to be permanently plugged in to a neverending stream of information and communication, augmenting everything about what one experiences in reality. (Advertisements, for example, no longer exi ...more