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Living with the Gods: The World's Stories

Patterns, meanings and stories in the beliefs of humankindNo society on Earth lacks beliefs about where it has come from, its place in the world, and the connection of individuals to the eternal. Until recently, it was widely assumed that religion was on the wane almost everywhere: now, far from becoming marginalized, the relationship between faith and society has moved to the center of politics and global conversation. Neil MacGregor's new book, radio series and exhibition trace how different societies have understood and articulated their place in the cosmic scheme. It examines mankind's beliefs not from the perspective of institutional religions, but according to how shared narratives have shaped societies - and what happens when different narratives run up against each other. Like A History of the World in 100 Objects and Germany: Memories of a Nation, MacGregor brilliantly turns his kaleidoscope of objects, places and ideas to locate these pressing contemporary concerns in the perspectives of time and space....

Title : Living with the Gods: The World's Stories
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