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The Animators

In the male-dominated field of animation, Mel Vaught and Sharon Kisses are a dynamic duo, the friction of their differences driving them: Sharon, quietly ambitious but self-doubting; Mel, brash and unapologetic, always the life of the party. Best friends and artistic partners since the first week of college, where they bonded over their working-class roots and obvious talent, they spent their twenties ensconced in a gritty Brooklyn studio. Working, drinking, laughing. Drawing: Mel, to understand her tumultuous past, and Sharon, to lose herself altogether.Now, after a decade of striving, the two are finally celebrating the release of their first full-length feature, which transforms Mels difficult childhood into a provocative and visually daring work of art. The toast of the indie film scene, they stand at the cusp of making it big. But with their success come doubt and destruction, cracks in their relationship threatening the delicate balance of their partnership. Sharon begins to feel expendable, suspecting that the ever-more raucous Mel is the real artist. During a trip to Sharons home state of Kentucky, the only other partner she has ever truly knownher troubled, charismatic childhood best friend, Teddyreenters her life, and long-buried resentments rise to the surface, hastening a reckoning no one sees coming....

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The Animators Reviews

  • Jill

    The Animators is a lot of things but at its very core, it’s a love story – an unlikely love story, true, but a love story all the same.

    The two main characters – Sharon, an inscrutable and straight artist whose essence has been damaged inexorably by childhood trauma and Mel, her larger-than-life gay artistic partner who courageously offers up her own childhood for her art – are rural outsiders who meet in a prestigious New York area school.

    Artistically, together, they are a dazzling force of nat

  • Lindsay

    3.5 stars

    This was a powerful and emotional book that revolves around the power of true friendship. It completely took me by surprise a few times - I wasn't expecting the emotion and intensity it held over me. The writing is excellent, but the storyline gets dark and depressing. The plot took turns that caught me off guard and I read things I really wish I could erase from my mind, however, they fit well into the tale. I will warn readers that there are some highly sensitive scenes involving chi

  • ☮Karen

    Like oil and water, Mel and Sharon would appear on the outside to be the types that don't blend together. But the more we get to know these friends, they seem like an old married couple in just how balanced their relationship is and how suited to each other they are.

    Quirky Mel: Raised in Florida by a prostituting mother who died in prison. Mel and Sharon have made a very successful animated film of Mel's crazy life, resulting in a grant to do another.

    Sensible Sharon: Grew up in a dysfunctional f

  • Taryn

    How silly it is to assume that what we’re dealing with is not something that will, in turn, deal with us.

    Sharon and Mel met while attending the same art program in college and have worked together ever since. Ten years later, their careers have taken off with Nashville Combat, an animated feature based on Mel's childhood. The success exposes cracks in their relationship. Mel's antics are taking a toll on the friendship and Sharon feels like she constantly has to babysit her. When Sharon's capa ...more

  • Melanie

    Well, f***ing hell, what just happened here?

    (5 hours later)

    The Paris Review:

    "Can I ask how the novel has affected your marriage? It’s so extreme, what you’ve done. It’s like you invented a new kind of marriage, where half the couple is transparent and has no secrets."

    Karl Ove Knausgaard:

    "I didn’t think of that when I was doing it. I didn’t think of the implication at all, in that sense. I was so frustrated that I didn’t foresee the consequences. I thought, If the consequences are that she’s lea

  • Suzanne Leopold

    Melody and Sharon build a strong friendship after meeting in college. They both grew up in dysfunctional families lacking emotional support. After graduation they developed a successful partnership working as film animators. Mel is outspoken and bold while Sharon is reserved and cautious.

    Ten years later in New York City their first full length feature is an award winner. The film focuses on Mel’s teen years growing up in Florida. After the movie release, they receive a prestigious grant giving t

  • PorshaJo

    I'm sure you have heard the saying 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'....and that statement applies 100% to this book. To be honest, I figured it was all about cartooning, graphics arts, and drawing and I was not interested in that. But I read a few GR friends reviews who loved this one and I added it to my list. Then Norma mentioned this one for a Traveling Sisters read and I was in. And I loved it! I was so happy to read this one with Norma, Brenda, and Lindsay.

    The Animators is about real life

  • karen

    this is a straight-up monster of a book.

    it’s like one of those carnivorous plants that secretes a delicious sticky nectar to lure in its prey which, once adhered, can be feasted upon at the plant’s leisure. it’s one of the most immersive books i’ve read in a long time, and i was utterly ensnared, but while i was devouring the pages, i could feel the story getting under my skin and digging into my brain where it’s going to stay for a long time.

    i’d heard good things about this debut through the g