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Here So Far Away

Award-winning author Hadley Dyers YA debut is smart, snarky, and emotionally gripping, about a rebellious cops daughter who falls in love with an older man, loses her best friend, and battles depression, all while trying to survive her last year of high school. Feisty and fearless George Warren (given name: Frances, but no one calls her that) has never let life get too serious. Now that shes about to be a senior, her plans include partying with her tight-knit group of friends and then getting the heck out of town after graduation.But instead of owning her last year of high school, a fight with her best friend puts her on the outs of their social circle. If that werent bad enough, Georges family has been facing hard times since her father, a police sergeant, got injured and might not be able to return to work, which puts Georges college plans in jeopardy.So when George meets Francis, an older guy who shares her name and her affinity for sarcastic banter, shes thrown. If she lets herself, shell fall recklessly, hopelessly in love. But because of Franciss age, she tells no oneand ends up losing almost everything, including herself.This is a gorgeous, atmospheric, and gut-wrenching novel that readers wont soon forget....

Title : Here So Far Away
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ISBN : 9781443451192
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 368 pages
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Here So Far Away Reviews

  • Kristi

    You have to read this book twice. Once to get lost in the story. A second time to get all the jokes. Only then will you find yourself nodding and truly appreciating the smart dialogue between characters and all the lines that went over your head the first time. 

    The author gets my highest rating on this forum as - just like her main character George, she “never goes for cheap emotion”. I won’t give a full synopsis here, and hope to avoid spoiling anything with this review.

    If you’ve come from a sm

  • Tanya (Girl Plus Books)

    I have such mixed feelings about this one. It's not that I didn't like it, but it's a case of I thought I would like it so much more.

    • I didn't relate to any of the characters. That created a distance between me and the story and I was never fully invested.

    • In particular, I could not relate to main character George. She seemed to shun intimacy and mocked others for any show of genuine emotion. She had this sarcastic veneer and the glimpses beyond that were too infrequent for me. Plus, it starte

  • Laura D

    This book destroyed me. I could tell it was going to be a book that needed Kleenex nearby but I didn't see the particular event coming and it was written so that it hit you hard.

    I know a lot of people have a problem with the age difference but big age differences never effect me. One of the reasons is probably that I found George so relatable and her whole thought process and feelings surrounding Francis and that situation and her friends. For some people her attitude to plan her future so it w

  • Kylie thelibraryfiend

    Based on the synopsis I assumed 17 year old George was going to start dating a college boy, a few years older. So when she actually starts dating a 29 year old man I was surprised, and pretty mad about it. So mad that any “romance” that followed throughout the rest of the book did nothing but anger me more. Do we really want young girls, as young as maybe 12-13 years old, reading this book and romanticizing an underage girl having a relationship with a 29 year old man???? Cause I don’t.

    George a

  • Emily Krumholz

    (3.50) I gained a lot from this book and I really wish I could give this book a higher rating because I can personally relate to this story, and this book will hold a special place in my heart. I rated it what I did for these reasons:

    1.I felt like the ending to this book was a bit rushed and I didn’t feel satisfied with it.

    2.Sometimes I felt like I didn’t completely know what was going on until later in the book when it was clarified again.

    3. There were a few occurrences between George and

  • Red_Queen_Lover

    I sobbed 😭😭😭😭

    I haven't cried this hard for a book in a while 😖😪


  • Teenage Reads


    Maybe when Sid left things were going to be different no matter what. August of 1992, Sid moved with his parents’ to Vancouver, leaving the valley, and his friend group since grade seven, behind. For Frances, who goes by her middle name George, this was the beginning of the end. Planning on partying her way through her senior year, her remaining friend group of Bill, Natalie, and Lisa (whom she was closest too), and then off to Aurora University in the city. As for George, anywhere in life

  • Brenda Ayala

    George is probably the first ever YA protagonist that I’ve been able to connect with. She’s almost ten years younger than me at the beginning of the novel, but I still remember what it was like to be a teenager and I am amazed that I finally found a character to connect with.

    George is called the Enforcer in her group of friends, because she’s the muscle. Nothing fazes her; some boys call her a slut because she had sex, a girl gets catty because she’s upset her boyfriend gives George attention. T