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The Concealed (Lakewood #1)

After her parents died in a car accident when she was just a child, Evelyn Lakewood was left alone in the world. Now grown up, she enrolls at Oxford University, where she begins to create a new, stable life.But when she encounters Jared Calmburry, who she later discovers is an orphan with his own tragic history, the equilibrium she was striving for is thrown off. Instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger with the incredible blue eyes, and confounded by the unusual events that occur whenever they meet, Evelyn resolves to investigate further. What she finds will startle her beyond measure: an ancient legacy of magic, a centuries-old secret society, and a foreboding legend with her and Jared at its center. As she follows a cryptic trail, Evelyn will discover clues to her own painful past, answers she hadnt even been looking forand a passionate love she cannot resist despite the dangers it brings....

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The Concealed (Lakewood #1) Reviews

  • Rixxh.bree

    Oh my gosh let me start off by saying I give this book 5 stars! This book was so great when I got to the end I was like nooooooooo why can't it keep going. My favorite characters was Jared,Sally, Evelyn,Collin they allow were nice and caring . I disliked Karen,Felix,and morgana. I still can't get over what Felix did. I had stop liking him when he kept asking where she was and stalking her. Yeah some parts in this book I was like okay let's get back to the action but I really liked it. It had a g ...more

  • Aneesa

    I received this book in an exchange for an honest review, thanks to Xpresso Book Tours

    First of all, can we establish the fact this book was written in German and it is translated in to English??? :O LIKE OHMYGOSH!!! This book is soooo good, it reminds me of why I like reading mythical folklore legendy type books! What a beautiful cover, this day just keeps getting better and better! :D

    I really like the way Sarah twisted this book in another direction with the British Literature and combined it

  • Cinthia

    I liked the whole story behind it... there are secret groups that deal on different things... this one dealt with ancestors, like Merlin the magician, and the importance of keeping his line safe and keeping him away from what similar occurrences from the past. I didn't like some of the things, like the MC's family being assassinated because they were looking for her. I like that Jared and

    Evelyn and up together regardless of all the people opposing their relationship because of history. I didn't

  • Marie-Claire

    Nach dem plötzlichen Tod ihrer geliebten Schwester ist Evelyn am Boden zerstört. Auch ihre Eltern hat sie vor vielen Jahren verloren. Nun fühlt sie sich ganz allein auf der Welt und sieht kaum noch Sinn in ihrem Leben. Dennoch beschließt sie, das Psychologie-Studium in Oxford aufzunehmen. Das Letzte, mit dem sie rechnet, ist, hier ihre große Liebe zu finden. Doch vom ersten Moment an verfällt sie den blauen Augen eines Mitstudenten, die sie seltsam in den Bann ziehen. Auch Jareds zur Schau getra ...more

  • Stephanie

    free copy for honesty review

    The concealed was an amazing story. I personally feel like it was translated very well. This story had It's ups and downs but it was a great read. it was also very different. I can't wait for the next book. honesty one of my new favorite books.

  • Charlotte

    Firstly, and I think most importantly, this book is set in the UK but throughout it is in American English (dorms, going downtown, etc). Secondly, this author has clearly never been to an Oxford college other than as a tourist as they do not work the way she says... (Tutorials are held in college, you sleep in a room in college - there are no "dorms", lectures are held in the various departments around the city, not in the college, you spend a huge amount of time reading in the library as you do ...more

  • Amy :o)

    I just finished reading this book. It was a freebie at amazon and had gotten many 5 star ratings so I thought... why not. I was on the lookout for a quick easy YA read. I got more than I bargained for. I enjoyed this book so much. It was a total surprise because frankly, I wasn't expecting much.

    One of the things I liked so much was how the author wrote her characters. Perhaps it was the way I related to them, but they definitely had their own voice. I could really 'see' them. Even some of the mo

  • Rawan

    I received this book for a review so here it is.

    This book exceeded my expectations.

    It was slow at times and I'd preferred more action, but the storyline was really good and very very interesting and satisfying!

    The last 3 chapters and the end felt kinda rushed, but I liked it and it made me very excited for the next book!

    I liked both Evelyn and Jared, but just loved Colin (so adorable and goofy).

    The translation was good, you can tell it's been translated but maybe I wouldn't notice if I didn't