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Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin

Twenty-six-year-old Gaby Barreto might be a lot of things (loyal, sarcastic, one of the guys and a pain in the butt depending on which family member you ask), but dumb isnt one of them. When her twin brother invites her to go on tour as his bands merch girl, she isnt exactly screaming at the top of her lungs with joy. With no job opportunities pounding on her door, an ex-boyfriend she would still like to castrate, and no end in sight to moving out of her parents house in Dallas it would be dumb to say no to the chance of a lifetime. Two bands, three continents, one tour. Spending the next ninety-plus days with three beloved idiots and eight complete strangers shouldnt be a big deal, right? If only the singer of the headlining band didnt have tattoos... a great personality a fantastic body and if he wasnt so funny. Lets be real: Gaby never had a chance against Sacha Malykhin....

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Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin Reviews

  • Ingela

    Review written January 25, 2018

    3.4 Stars - Nice and funny

    Yet again a m/f contemporary romance by Mariana Zapata. This one is from 2015. I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun listening to three others before this one. Highly recommend The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and most of all the truly fabulous Kulti. Crossed my fingers for this "Rock Star" novel as well.

    ~ 9 hours narrated by Carly Robins.


    From the synopsis / book blurb:

    « When twenty-six-year-old Gab

    Luckily there was one adult behaving character; the hero Sasha. That’s the handsome sexy lead-singer in the more famous band they were touring together with. Yeah, who could honestly resist that awesome guy? Not the heroine and not me. Sasha is a perfect mother-in-law (or future hubby) dream. Exception of all tattoos of course. He is kind, cute and caring, ... and best of all acts like a guy closer to thirty than any other characters in this book.

    ”Not liking you is like fighting gravity.”

    Yet another (sometimes nerve-wracking) slow pace / slow burn / slow build by MZ

    You'll have to wait for hot moments or steamy romantic kisses, as always in a MZ story, but it's always worth it in the end. I liked the touring rock band set here, this boyish not heavenly beautiful sister as the heroine and I liked most of the story, as well as the audiobook narrator, but it’s just a 3 star read for me.—

    MZ has written several that in my opinion are much better (5 stars class) books, so if you are a MZ-newbie start with those ... and save this one to a rainy, or feverish nose dripping, day when you haven’t much better ones left.


    I LIKE - “nice and funny” books as this one but I don’t worship them ...more

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]

    December 2016 re-read

    I probably liked this more the second time around!!


    08/23/2015 --

    I enjoy this author. I think my favorite thing about this book is the relationship Gaby has with her brother Eli and her best friends Mason and Gordo. I loved the interactions and the back and forth dialogue. It sounded so much like me and my brother. I had fun reading it.

    At the 50% mark, I'm always thinking 5 Star. Then, something happens, or doesn't happen and they end up 4 Stars. Still

  • Treece

    Rating: 4 1/2 stars

    Funny. Sweet. Insightful. Awkward. Witty.

    That would sum up Gaby's narrative. The narrator does a splendid job of capturing her inner/outer voice. Sometimes falling short of the male characters but I was able to decipher after a while. Still the 'flavor' of it all got captured.

    Zapata has a great sense of humor in building her universe. Her characters are truly real to her and they became that way for me, too. Gaby , Sacha , Eli/Eliza, Mason and Gordo, would call us fiction to

  • CaRo

    I just love Mariana Zapata. I love that her books are a slower pace but you are not bored for a minute.

    I love that she makes you love her characters first before they start to love each other.

    Rhytm, Chord and Malykhin is not my favourite of her (because to top wall of winnipeg or dear aaron you have knock me on my ass) but it is going to be a reread for sure.

  • Kat ❀


  • Wendy ⏃: ✦●•CCBH Blogger•●✦


    Once again I'm reminded why Mariana Zapata has become one my favorite authors! Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin was a perfect friends to lovers romance filled with sassy, funny and sweet moments. The characters in this book were everything! From the friendships to the dynamics, to the connection each of them had. It all made me giddy and warmed my heart and my soul.

    Gaby and Sacha's relationship was so easy to fall in love with. Mariana is the feels giver. She'll give you so many emot

  • Emma

    I liked it, I just didn't love it.

    This slow-burn on-tour-with-the-band romance was just that, SLOW! Not a single romantic action until 80% come on!!!!!!! I know this author is known for writing slow-burn romances, usually I'm a fan but in this case it just didn't seem believable to me. I liked the storyline and I liked the characters but a part of me felt like the banter between Gaby and her brother Eli and their 2 best friends was a little forced. Don't get me wrong I definitely laughed out lou

  • Fabi

    I simply adore Mariana Zapata's romance novels. I can't think of a simpler way to put it. I adore them.

    One of the reasons why I don't read as much CR anymore is because I have a hard time connecting with the heroines. I don't have that problem with Zapata's girls. Gaby is tough and sweet, cute and natural, snarky and funny, a tomboy yet all girl. I would love a friend like her!

    Sacha is a bit too sweet for my tastes. But I "felt" him falling for Gaby. It was the coolest thing to feel him being sw