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Defective (The Defective Trilogy #1)

In the year 2074, a global conspiracy threatens all life on Earth.Humanity battles the worst pandemic the world has ever seen.And the planet is dying.Our mass extinction event has arrived._________________In the 2020s, disease, epidemics, and financial collapse nearly ended civilization.The worlds most powerful corporations saved us.Now, in 2074, the Corporate Coalition rules all.They genetically engineered crops, animals, bacteria and people. All in the name of creating a better world.But when you play with fire, the world burns.__________________Deep in the American South, a mysterious quarantine zone is spreading, and wildfires rage across three states. But no one knows whats really happening. The head of the Coalition, Katherine Raines, is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to keep the truth buried. Selene and her little brother Eli are genetically engineered humans, "Defectives", hiding from the Coalition. Others like them are imprisoned in camps, tortured, and used like lab rats to benefit pure humans. As the quarantine zone creeps closer to their hideout in Telmont, Georgia, they must find a way to escape.Anders is the troublemaking son of the Telmont's sheriff, and he's got a thing for mysterious off-grid girls like Selene. He's also got a secret that can get his family executed for treason... or be Selene's salvation.Bas fights in an underground rebellion. When a top agent goes missing behind quarantine lines in Georgia, Bas and his team must rescue him or ensure his secrets die with him.Bas, Anders, Selene and the Coalition are tied together through destiny and dark secrets from the past. But time is running short as humanity inches closer to extinction. Each of them must uncover the truth about the quarantine zone and themselves, one shocking twist at a time. Every choice they make matters and will shape the future of humanity...if there's to be any future at all.__________________AboutDEFECTIVE is a near-future dystopian that depicts a future youll recognize: Genetic experiments, superbugs, hyperinflation, climate change, and corporations that are more powerful than governments. What will happen when inevitable catastrophic events hit our planet in the next decade and corporations are the only ones with the resources to clean up the mess?Defectives complex characters, compelling themes, and shocking twists will leave you thinking about the series, humanitys future, and your own life's path long after you finish reading the last page....

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Defective (The Defective Trilogy #1) Reviews

  • Paranormal Tendencies

    In the future a fierce disease will spread across the earth killing millions. Scientists have developed a formula that when taken will cause offspring to have super immunity. But these people have been labeled defective. And now they are hunted by the corporation that made them.

    This book follows 4 different people and the parts they play in fighting this corporation that now controls the world.

    This story kept me glued to my kindle! It was one exciting scene after another and I had a hard time p

  • Lindap

    4.25 / 4 Stars

  • Uma Aiyer

    Post apocalyptic. YA. Semi Sci fi. What's not to like in the book you ask..? Using different POVs in a book isn't novel. But moving on from characters stores before they're critical enough or finished enough was fairly distracting.

    Second. We just dont have context. Reading 318 or the Legacy Code doesn't give us as much context for this book as it does perspective... and understanding motives for many characters would just create more depth to their stories.

    I've read The Better World series thr

  • John Weeks

    Too many characters for me...

    I really wanted to like this book, but I never could get attached to any specific character. There are soooooooooooooo many of them. I didn't finish the book because of this. I may come back to it later and start over. At that time I may update the rating.

  • Marla A Burke

    This is a fast paced story, a quick and engrossing read about a failed government experiment, the people now interred because of it, a handful of resistance fighters, and an underground railroad of folks helping those people the government has yet to catch. A son who has lost 2 friends because his father, the sheriff, has turned them in. Anders comes across as a big headed adolescent but it's clear he is beginning to grow up as a result of his father and with an assist from his uncle, one of the ...more

  • Fredrick Danysh

    Most of the world has fallen under governmental control of a few multi-national companies. These companies are facing a pandemic and a underground rebellion at the same time. Defective sets the stage for a Fractured Era series in which some children received super-immunity to disease in failed decade long program.

  • Carol Brandon

    I really enjoyed this prequel to her other books. It ties things together in the Fractured Era series and sets the stage for the space fleet which is featured in the Fractured Era Legacy series.

    We find out what happened to the characters after 318 - and if you haven't read it, it explains it well enough in this book that you don't feel lost. There are 2 plot lines: one with two of the characters from 318, who along with their team from the Resistance are trying to rescue a Resistance member who

  • Jason H

    Defective is the first entry in a prequel series to Kalquist's other series (Paragon? I can't recall) and deals with a somewhat post-apocalyptic Earth controlled by corporations and suffering from pandemics killing lots of humans. There are also genetically modified kids (Defectives) that are a thorn in said evil corporations' sides.

    Set within that is a pretty standard "young heroes/heroines need to fight against the establishment while running through various woodlands or suburbs and falling in