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Spirit Hunters (Spirit Hunters #1)

We Need Diverse Books founder Ellen Oh returns with Spirit Hunters, a high-stakes middle grade mystery series about Harper Raine, the new seventh grader in town who must face down the dangerous ghosts haunting her younger brother. A riveting ghost story and captivating adventure, this tale will have you guessing at every turn!Harper doesnt trust her new home from the moment she steps inside, and the rumors are that the Raine familys new house is haunted. Harper isnt sure she believes those rumors, until her younger brother, Michael, starts acting strangely. The whole atmosphere gives Harper a sense of dj vu, but she cant remember why. She knows that the memories shes blocking will help make sense of her brothers behavior and the strange and threatening sensations she feels in this house, but will she be able to put the pieces together in time?...

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Spirit Hunters (Spirit Hunters #1) Reviews

  • Alex (not a dude) Baugh

    It’s early summer and Harper Raine, 12, isn’t very happy about the family’s move to Washington, DC. Older sister Kelly thinks the move is all Harper’s fault because of starting a fire at school and then having a terrible accident at Briarly, a psychiatric hospital, that left her with both arms broken and two broken ribs. Harper, however, has absolutely no memory of either event

    The new house is unbearably hot because of broken air conditioning, except for 4 year-old MIchael’s room, which is unnat

  • Brandi Rae

    Just the right amount of creepy paired with diverse characters and an intriguing premise.

    After a tragic accident that she can't remember, Harper and her family move from New York to Washington DC. Right away, Harper instinctively knows something about the house isn't right, and when her 4 year old brother starts acting strange, she begins to fear for her family's safety.

    I think younger middle school students who liked Coraline or The Doll Bones, but who aren't ready for the more YA leaning horr

  • Mehsi

    A creepy, haunting middle-grade book, the first in a series, and I definitely want more books.

    This one lays the perfect foundation for a whole lot of creepy, spooky stories. I am always on the lookout for new horror/ghost stories, especially in the middle-grade/childrens range. Often those books avoid the scariness or weaken it as the story goes on. But not this one.

    Oh no, I was definitely creeped out many times, and even NOPE NOPE NOPEd quite a few times (dang that spider/ghost thing on the wal

  • Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary

    Well, Spirit Hunters might have been my first book from Ellen Oh, but it won't be my last. (As long as she's doing more MG. No urge to read her YA stuff.) This was a seriously creepy middle-grade read that had me all wrapped up in what was going on. I started reading it with my eight year old, but at a chapter a night, by the time we hit the third chapter, I asked her if I could read a little bit ahead after she went to bed. Had to promise I'd still read it with her, but an agreement was reached ...more

  • Hafsa Sabira

    I am confused about what I feel about this book. Reading it was like going through an emotional rollercoaster where I wanted to buy it or throw it away in the trashcan. To be honest, it's a pointless novel. I think even the novelist was confused about what to write.

    I am just glad that I finished it after promising myself a treat of hot coffee.

  • Ms. Yingling

    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

    Harper's family moves from New York City to Washington, D.C. and end up in a decrepit old house. Harper has had problems at school-- she was accused of setting fire to the art room, and was hospitalized for some time, but she doesn't remember any of it. She notices that her four-year-old brother Michael's room feels oddly clammy, and he claims to have a "new friend" named Billy who tells him things that cause him to have headaches. Harper does manage to mee

  • Valerie McEnroe

    12-year-old Harper has just moved from NYC to Washington, DC. Strange things begin happening from day 1 in her new house. What begins as her 4-year-old brother's imaginary friend, quickly becomes something much more sinister. When she begins researching the history of her new home, she finds that it has a morbid past. An evil still lurks there and Harper is forced to recall her own memories of imaginary friends and evil spirits, in order to help her brother. As her brother worsens, Harper realiz ...more

  • Abbey

    This book was wonderful but SUPER SCARY! Admittedly, I am a wimp when it comes to scary stories, but this hits all the ghost story tropes in a perfectly suspenseful way. I stayed up an extra hour to finish it because there was no way I was sleeping halfway through the story!

    I'm shelving this in MG & YA because even though it reads middle grade, the reader would have to definitely be interested in horror, and teens who like ghost stories would appreciate it on that level too.