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Duck in the Fridge

Its time for bed, but that doesnt mean its time for the same old boring bedtime story. This one starts with a boy who discovers a duck in his fridge. Soon there are more ducks, and the only thing they are interested in is having fun. So the boy gets some dogs to scare them awaybut things dont go quite the way he planned. More and more animals arrive, and soon theres a party. Will the boy ever be able to get to sleep? Filled with puns and loads of visual humor, the silliness pours off each page of this rollicking story....

Title : Duck in the Fridge
Author :
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ISBN : 9781477847763
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 40 pages
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Duck in the Fridge Reviews

  • Rebecca Frisch

    Surprise ending

    Funny and well written. We recently tried it and my preschooler enjoyed it., especially the ending. Cute illustrations, too. I recommend it.

  • Angel Hernan

    Very educational and teaches important life lessons!

  • Viviane Elbee

    This is a really funny and silly book with goofy illustrations (and a goofy plot).

    I love that you can call 1-800-Ducks-B-Gone.

    It had several fun puns which the kids had fun repeating to their friends.

    It's also good for beginner readers that are about a level 2-3 on the numbered early reader books. My niece was able to read and sound out most of these words.

  • Adrianne Blackhorse

    Soooooo stupid

    Omg horrible book! Just pointless to read. Idk how this was published. Sloppy, uneducating, stupid book. I need 5 more words.

  • Archit Ojha

    Hold on, you say there is a duck in the fridge!

    Oh my, this one cracks me up all the time.

    Listening bedtime stories from your father is adventurous when he narrates some amusing incidences of his childhood days. This time, it will be about ducks.

    There are ducks everywhere!

    Time to call : 1-800-DUCK-B-GONE.

  • Dorothy

    Fun to read book with bright colorful illustrations.

    Great for bedtime.

  • Diane

    A father tells his son the story of why he always reads Mother Goose to him at bedtime. "One night, when I was a kid, I found a duck in the fridge."

    So, how do you get rid of a duck? Call 1-800-DUCK-B-GONE? No, they only make the problem worse by sending sheep to scare away the ducks? They weren't scary enough. The dogs just stayed up all night playing cards. The cows threw a wild party. Maybe scaring them wasn't the answer. Maybe reading them a story will help. "If everyone goes to sleep right

  • Eric J. Mogensen

    Nicely done, with a pro-reading message

    My 3 year old is asking me to read it again right now, otherwise I'd leave a longer review. Cheers!