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Bloodstone (A Stacy Justice Mystery #2)

All Stacy Justice wants to do is recover from the bizarre couple of weeks shes hada whirlwind kicked off by the arson attack on her cousins bar, the Black Opal. But just when life should be settling down, a fourteen-year-old girl named Ivy appears on Stacys doorstep, claiming to be her sister. Ivy says their mothers life is in danger and insists that the familys magic is crucial to saving her. Sure, Ivy has Stacys fiery red hair and green eyesbut is she really her sister? And can the secretive teen be trusted with magic?Then a man is found dead at Stacys grandmothers bed-and-breakfast, and she has no choice but to see where Ivys story leads. Strange warnings appear at every turn, including the disappearance of the familys Blessed Book, and it seems someone is out to kill Stacyagain. Picking up where Opal Fire left off, the second book in the spellbinding Stacy Justice series dazzles with even more magic, mystery, and mayhemrevealing the dark secrets of the Geraghty clan....

Title : Bloodstone (A Stacy Justice Mystery #2)
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Bloodstone (A Stacy Justice Mystery #2) Reviews

  • Michele

    OK. - didn’t. Really keep my attention - not sure if it was the story or the narrator

  • Rebecca

    The Stacy Justice series is spellbinding fun! Bloodstone bewitched me from the beginning and I did not want to put it down.

    Bloodstone takes place not long after Opal Fire. Ivy, (The maybe sister of Stacy) has convinced Stacey that her grandma Birdie can not know about her yet. So the lot of them go and stay with Chance, Stacy’s high school sweet heart. I was all about this move! I loved Chance from book one, he is a great friend to Stacy and supports her in all her witchy ways.

    Stacy does her bes

  • Jim

    Headline (required)!

    Fun fun fun ‘til her daddy took her T-Bird away. Or something like that. Without giving anything away, most of the characters live, I think. The ones who don’t live are mmmmmph, gurgle (sound of a body dropping). Cripes! How many more words do I need?

  • Nancy Steinle gummel

    Anastasia (Stacy) Justice is a witch. Ivy approaches Stacy telling her she's her sister, the warrior. Ivy has red hair and green eyes like Stacy. Stacy's grandmother, Bridie, hides the book and all Stacy's things because she rented out the cottage for the murder mystery involving several of the motels and bed and breakfasts. They find a body of a man stabbed in the back hunkered over the kitchen table. Stacy's friend Leo is a cop. Leo call the medical examiner. The body is on the gurney when the ...more

  • Nick

    Cannot get enough!

    I am already determined to own hard copies of this series. Between the witty banter, the fast pace of the writing, and the bright vibrant characters, I cannot get enough of this series.

    Barbra Annino, if thou art reading this, give me the forwarding address to your muse because I want to meet her.

    A fun light romp, with magic, mayhem, mystery, this book is just another in a long line of fantastically written and artfully crafted works. Eat your heart out, other mystery authors, A

  • Cheryl Liacos-Halstead

    Birth Marks

    Awesome story! Stacy is busy again with a new mystery related to her being Justice and needing the the Warrior and Guardian. Thor is awesome and Midnight has a part but they make the story interesting. Ivy and John are important characters and their marks are interesting. Try not to laugh too much because Ivy is a teenager who has interesting habits and has fun. In the romance triangle I am rooting for Leo but Chance is different. Enjoy!

  • Lilac Wolf

    From Lilac Wolf and Stuff

    You all know I love these covers. I wonder if the authors are creating them or paying for a service. Well either way it's eye catching and you can recognize Stacy Justice from the Opal Fire. And yes, please read Opal Fire first, this is the 2nd book in the series.

    The story is so fast paced that you barely catch your breath before the next thing happens. But it's not a very long book, so it works for a fast read. Just a couple minor errors, so it's well edited.

    What I real

  • Donna Snyder

    This one wasn’t as good as the first book. The introduction of the character, Ivy, was fine as first, but was mostly an irritation that by the end I wonder what the purpose was beside being a filler. It story became disjointed after 60%. A few family answers were reveled, BUT a map (although, a fake) to the location of the Ark is thrown into the story. WHAT!?? I’m still shaking my head. Good grief, Charlie Brown.