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The Braque Connection (Genevieve Lenard #3)

Forged masterpieces. Hidden messages. A desperate swan song.When world-renowned nonverbal communication expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard wakes up in an unknown location, drugged and kidnapped, it pushes the limits of her autism coping skills.For the last year, Russian philanthropist and psychopath Tomasz Kubanov has been studying Genevieve just as she and her team have been studying him. Now forged paintings and mysterious murders are surfacing around her team, with evidence pointing to one of them as the killer.Genevieve knows Kubanov is behind these senseless acts of violence. What she doesnt understand are the inconsistencies between his actions and the cryptic messages he sends. Something has triggered his unpredictable behaviour, something that might result in many more deaths, including those she cares for. Because this time, Kubanov has nothing to lose....

Title : The Braque Connection (Genevieve Lenard #3)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781492241683
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 374 pages
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The Braque Connection (Genevieve Lenard #3) Reviews

  • Lynne Atherton

    I love reading these books, have read the 2 previous ones as well. My problem is putting the book down once I start to read one, I just can't wait to find out what is going to happen next and then when I do finish the book I want to go onto the next one immediately.

    The characters are so different but work so well together.

  • Brad

    Captivating and Stimulating!

    I have now read the first three books in this collection. I'm ready to read some more. The cast of characters are well developed and interesting to get to know. The clues are there to reveal some of the plot twists but they are given slowly so you solve the mystery with the team. This is a real team as the protagonists and their interplay is half the fun. This is probably one of the most intellectually challenging mysteries that I have read.

  • Blair H. Prigg


    What an incredible thriller and mystery. The story continues to grow from the very beginning to an unbelievable ending. It is a powerful book with characters that each has their own quirks. Take time to read this book!

  • Gina Basham

    I really enjoy the Genevieve Lenard books. I am however getting a little tired of the gang of friends who know when someone is in trouble and ride in at the last moment and save the day. Predictable. I would recommend but will wait to see if I purchase another... gbash

  • Donna Brewer

    I came across this book first and read it out of order. Nonetheless, I loved the characters. Genevieve is an unusual protagonist, reminding me of Diane Kruger's character in The Bridge. Strong supporting characters, interesting plot. It closed a loop from the first 2 books, though, so I am now going back to the beginning. I'm glad I found this series.

  • Steve

    Dr. Genevieve Lenard has reached her mid thirties with perilously few friends or social connections in her life. That is, until she was brought in by her boss to evaluate art insurance cases, which led to her becoming a member of a five-person team who kind of adopt her as their own. They no doubt agree with one character's comment in this book that Genevieve is “weird but in a cool way”. She is a non-neurotypical (her description) savant on a team with a crusty Interpol officer, a brawny cursin ...more

  • Loretta Gabriel

    Intriguing and suspenseful mystery story

    The author has written a very good story of criminals and their abilities to keep the investigating people guessing. Entertaining and enjoyable reading.

  • Judy

    When I started reading Ryan's books, I was intrigued by her heroine, who is unique and interesting. Unfortunately the plots have got more and more unbelievable until they are frankly stupid, and the quirks of the characters so repetitive they have become tedious. At one stage these supposedly intelligent people get a coded message from the Moriarty-style villain, so they all rush off to the location without one of them stopping to think that this might be a poor move. Even more annoying is Ryan' ...more