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Warrior's Revenge (Warrior's Of The Realm #1)

A 10 episode serial novelAfter the death of her parents, Lady Aurora de Marquise is left with no illusions. Stripped of her birthright and betrayed by her uncle, escape is her only option. With her life on the line, she narrowly avoids another murder attemptonly to run headlong into Lord Brigham de Mornay, a man most consider a monster.With her uncles henchmen nipping at her heels, Aurora knows better than to trust a strangerespecially one as compelling as Brigham. Well-honed instincts urge her to flee before his abundant charm takes a nasty turn into aggressionand she ends up neck deep in trouble.Wary, but undeniably drawn to him, Aurora pits her will against his, challenging his authority every chance she gets. But when her uncle manages to track her, the game of fox and hound takes a perilous turn and she is left with the ultimate choicesurrender to the man who now holds her heart or risk it all trying to escape again.Gritty and fast-paced, Warriors Revenge brings to life the magnificence of the medieval age while exploring the meaning of honor, duty, and nature of true love....

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Warrior's Revenge (Warrior's Of The Realm #1) Reviews

  • Nina

    Decent plot.

    Likeable characters

    Brigham was all alpha

    My only complaint... the story dragged, I started skimming.

  • Shanan

    I struggled to get as far as I did. I just couldn't finish even with the skimming through tedious narrative to get on with the story. In addition I started out struggling with frustration with the characters. And the coupling of modern phrases with 'twas in the narrative was incongruant. I was also frustrated with her turning to putty in his hands so quickly. Whether this is believable or not its infuriating to watch the character's true qualities diminished and overshadowed by lust. I also foun ...more

  • Tina

    Let me start off by saying that I do not read books like this. It was a first time for me to read a book that started in 1276AD. But I immediately became fascinated with the characters with the plot with the way they actually spoke their accents. And although yes I can say it was kind of inevitable the way the end of the book would turn out you just didn't know the exact details of how everything would turn out.

    In the beginning I thought lady Aurora was a bit naive and irritating. But then when

  • S.R. Roddy

    This is the first story I’ve read by this author, but I was impressed. This book was excellent from start to finish. I managed to read it in about a day and a half and enjoyed every minute.

    Aurora – The heroine’s nickname is Rory. She loves horses and her lady’s maid is actually a man. She is strong and stubborn, a true fighter. Her secret longing is to be loved.

    Brigham – A local Baron who has a bad reputation. He’s known as a monster by those who don’t know him, but beloved by those who follow h

  • Brian Davis

    Good read

    Strong complex characters and a solid plot with good fast paced writing. Since this is from several years ago I have to assume there are. It of h Dr. Looks coming in this series. That's unfortunate, as there are certainly support characters who would be strong as main char a Ted's.

  • Karen

    Medieval Erotica?

    Sensual cat & mouse game between the hero & heroine. Macabre one with the heroine & her uncle. Just thrown into a surroundings of medieval with not necessarily the sensibilities of the period nor virginal shyness. As well as several other inconsistencies & editing problems.

    So if you want a little period detail in your historical romance probably not this one.

  • Hard12luv

    While traveling Brute runs into a vixen. The vixen runs away from the brute only to end up in the same place. He can't seem to get his vixen out of his mind. With the game to win her, they both end up tied up in the same net. Love wins in the end.

  • Dorothy

    Loved story

    I loved this story, the only thing, there is too much detail. Too much scenery,and not enough talking. Most of the book was looking and thinking. I prefer more talking in my reading.