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The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories #2)

After decades of hiding, the evil Enchantress who cursed Sleeping Beauty is back with a vengeance.Alex and Conner Bailey have not been back to the magical Land of Stories since their adventures in The Wishing Spell ended. But one night, they learn the famed Enchantress has kidnapped their mother! Against the will of their grandmother, the twins must find their own way into the Land of Stories to rescue their mother and save the fairy tale world from the greatest threat it's ever faced....

Title : The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories #2)
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ISBN : 9780316201544
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 517 pages
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The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories #2) Reviews

  • Devon Flaherty

    The Land of Stories series, by Chris Colfer, published from 2012-2015 by Little Brown. The series consists of four books so far, and Colfer says the series will end with the fifth book, assumed to be published in 2016. I read the series because my daughter–and just about every other kid her age–is in to the series, and there was no way she was waiting until next year to read the first four.

    The series is:

    The Wishing Spell

    The Enchantress Returns

    A Grimm Warning

    Beyond the Kingdoms

    An un-announce

  • Davidv42

    I thought this was one of the best books ever!!!!

  • Zachary Flye (Zach's YA Reviews)

    Real Rating: 4.5 stars

    Originally posted on my blog, Zach's YA Reivews (


    Protagonists: Alex and Connor Bailey haven't been back to the Land of Stories in nearly a year, and when they get back things aren't quite as they had left them. One of the things I was hoping to get out of this installment was some serious character development in our two protagonist and while we do get that, it happens a lot less gradually than I would have liked. Maybe I missed the subtle hints, b

  • Nariman

    My 10 years old son is obsessed with this series, and he practically forced me to listen to this book with him - even though he could read it by himself , and we barely had spare time to listen together without interruption - because he enjoys ( a little too much ) discussing every small detail to death with someone who knows what's going on in the story , and it happened that I just finished the first book when he decided to begin the second , and i am very glad that he forced me , I enjoyed th ...more

  • Josie

    Arrrgh these books frustrate me. The story is really fantastic. The characters are fun and interesting for the most part. Red is hilarious. But the wink wink, nudge nudge quality to the writing makes me crazy. Colfer definitely has a talent for storytelling, but it is so very obvious that he knows this. The entire time reading these books I got the distinct impression that there is a LOT of self flagalting going on. It isn't enough to write a great little bit of dialouge, there has to be a "see ...more

  • Karen

    While it is helpful to have read the first book in the series, The Wishing Spell, the book does a good job of summarizing how 13-year-old twins Alex (a girl) and Connor (a boy) first discovered that their deceased father came from the fairy tale world and that their grandmother is in fact the Fairy Godmother. While they ended up in The Land of Stories by accident last time, in this tale they actively seek a portal to the other world to rescue their mother, who has been kidnapped by an enchantres ...more

  • Connie Tang

    His writing has definitely tightened considerably since the first novel of this series. The plot arc was way better, and he's learned from his first in such that you don't build up impossible dilemmas and dangers only to have them be saved by luck.

    The twins in this story had more agency, and did more things. Helped themselves out more - as opposed to having all these other characters help them. The grandmother is very well-written, in voice, character and personality. She has flaws, but ones tha

  • Katy Elizabeth

    Oh, my gosh. If the first one was so perfect, this one goes above and beyond to levels of near flawlessness (view spoiler)

    Chris just has such a gift for writing memorable characters; I just couldn't help picturing them all in my head as I read and wanting a movie adaption so much. Picking up where the last book left off, we dived into to so much more character development with (view spoiler)