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Coming Clean

A stunning memoir about a childhood spent growing up in a family of extreme hoarders and hiding squalor behind the veneer of a perfect family. Kim Miller is an immaculately put-together woman with a great career, a loving boyfriend, and a beautifully tidy apartment in Brooklyn. You would never guess that she spent her childhood hiding behind the closed doors of her familys idyllic Long Island house, navigating between teetering stacks of aging newspaper, broken computers, and boxes upon boxes of unused junk festering in every roomthe product of her fathers painful and unending struggle with hoarding. In this coming-of-age story, Kim brings to life her experience of growing up in a rat-infested home, concealing her fathers shameful secret from friends for years, and of the emotional burden that ultimately led to an attempt to take her own life. And in beautiful prose, Miller sheds light on her complicated yet loving relationship with her parents that has thrived in spite of the odds. Coming Clean is a story about recognizing where we come from and the relationships that define usand about finding peace in the homes we make for ourselves....

Title : Coming Clean
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ISBN : 9780544025837
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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Coming Clean Reviews

  • Nan

    I picked this book off my "Kindle pile" last night around 8:00....and at 3:00 AM, read the last chapter. I simply could not stop reading this fascinating (and at times, very disturbing) memoir of growing up in a home with not one, but eventually two, hoarders. As a therapist, I found Miller's descriptions of returning again and again to clean up the piles of "stuff" that her parents had accumulated is a vivid and realistic description of how addiction affects the whole family. Other reviewers to ...more

  • Angela Risner

    Kimberly Rae Miller writes beautifully about growing up as the only child of hoarders. Her father is the main hoarder, collecting papers, magazines, and other items. They take over all surfaces in the house. Her mother, herself the daughter of a hoarder, is able to overlook this for the most part.

    Kimberly, however, knows that her family is different. She is ashamed of their living space and cannot invite friends to come over. She has the carpool parents or friends drop her off at a fake address

  • Marialyce

    This was quite a revealing book into the life of a child growing up with parents who are hoarders. At times her harrowing experiences of living in filth with rats, bugs, maggots, and other assorted circumstances were enough to turn one's stomach.

    Through it all however, the author claims to have and still love her parents. In a way this book is a tribute to how her spirit and that of many others with similar experiences sill managed to grow up and lead productive lives.

    The only issue I had was w

  • Carmen

    As a little girl, I used to lie in bed, thinking Maybe if I endure all my pain now, I could be happy when I am older. Emerson felt like my reward for the years of shame I'd logged.

    This is a memoir about a woman whose father was a hoarder. It is relatively light, uplifting, and loving - which can sometimes be missing from hoarding memoirs.

    Miller loves her parents deeply. Her parents are funny, sweet, attentive, encouraging, and kind. This really shows in the novel and is something Miller stresses

  • Julie

    This book contains 254 pages of some of the most blatant self-aggrandizement I've ever read. It's a memoir, supposedly, about one woman's experience of growing up with a hoarder father and a compulsive shopper mother, but, really it's a story about Kimberly Rae Miller, her exceptional beauty, her career as an actress, and her amazing website.

    At 254 pages, the book is approximately 100 pages too long, and, though Ms. Miller tells her readers that she's “a comedienne and a writer,” her story is no

  • Cait Ní Cheallaigh

    At first, I was not enjoying this book at all. I am the descendent of hoarders and a recovering-hoarder myself. I wouldn't even call it hoarding, per se; I have a high tolerance for disorder. But my father is a hoarder, my mother gave up trying to keep it all in order, and I grew up in and around my father's piles. That I've even put this into writing I would think is taboo enough. I couldn't believe Miller could publish a book about this and maintain a relationship with her parents, still. That ...more

  • Julia Roller

    I'm sure many other reviewers will also compare this book to The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, for its portrayal of a resilient daughter growing up with intelligent but troubled parents. Both books are great reads. Kimberly Rae Miller's book is so easy to read that you can almost forget at times how troubling her story is--born to loving parents who were also chronic hoarders. Her dad collected paper and broken parts of just about everything, and her mom, who seemed to become a hoarder as a k ...more

  • Anne

    This book was really, really, really, really, really, really, really hard to read. Not because of the text itself, but because of the similarities of experience. A friend who hadn't yet read the book passed this on to me, because she wasn't going to have time to read it yet. I didn't read the liner notes. The title and the cover made me think it was going to be a romantic fiction of some sort. I opened up to the first page to start reading and, no, not romantic fiction at all. Rather, a book abo ...more