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The Face of the Earth

From the award-winning author of After All, a man finds his wedding vows tested after his wife disappears.What if she never came home . . . ?When Mitchell Brannons beloved wife sets off for home after a conference, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. Mitch returns from work early that evening, surprised that Jills car isnt in the garage. But her voice on the answering machine makes him smile. Hey, babe, Im just now checking out of the hotel, but Ill stop and pick up something for dinner. Love you. Hours later, Jill still hasnt returned, and Mitchs irritation turns to dread. When the police come up empty, Mitch enlists the help of their next-door neighbor, Jills best friend, Shelley, to help search. As hours turn into days and days into weeks, Mitch and Shelleys friendship grows ever closerand decidedly more complicated. Every lead seems to be a dead end, and Mitch wonders how he can honor the vows he made to a woman who has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth....

Title : The Face of the Earth
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ISBN : 9781439123652
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The Face of the Earth Reviews

  • Maggie

    This book immediately grabs you. I was reading feverishly right away, trying to find out what happened to Jill. I found myself thinking backwards like Mitchell, wondering what on earth could have happened to Jill. Did she leave because of something he did? Did somebody hurt her? Did she get in an accident? I think this was excellent writing by Raney, especially because I didn't even realize until now that she had done so.

    I also found that this book lit a fire under me. I have always said to my h

  • CarolynB

    Every time I hear about a missing person my thoughts go to those who love that person. It must be so very hard to wait for closure--either good or bad. This book is about the people who love a wife, mother, and friend who disappears off the face of the earth. It was a very compelling read and I could hardly put it down. How sweet was the reminder, though, that we do not go through these tough times alone, but that our Lord is with us through it all.

  • Rich Bisanz

    It was an interesting read, try it

    Nice story, well written, I liked the characters, they were very relatable. Try it out, it's a good book to spend time on.

  • Creston Mapes

    Another wonderful book by one of Christian fiction's finest writers. Bravo Deb.

  • Anne-Marie Webster

    This is a brave author. She is able to present characters who deal with circumstances which are very real and challenging. Her ability to portray the gamut of human strengths and weaknesses, failures and victories is incredible. This is an emotionally engaging story which leaves you with much to evaluate in your own attitudes and values. Being privy to the heartache of a family affected by a devastating loss should, at the very least, make the reader much more aware and empathic

    toward those who

  • Michelle

    My review:

    I love books that make me think. This is the type of novels that leaves you pondering things even after you finish the last page. I really liked how the story ended because it brought closure to everything. I also appreciated the realistic struggles that the hero and heroine had. This author does a good job with stirring emotion in the reader and making hearts ache as well as rejoice. There were just enough "we think we've found out what happened" scenarios to make it seem suspenseful,

  • Alicia Alvarado

    Amazing, enjoyable experience in reading this book.

    Because it captured my attention. I stayed up one night due to me not being able to put it down. I couldn't wait for the ending. In away I knew that she had died but how was my thinking? I too wanted some closure

  • Ruth Hill

    When I call this the "perfect" book, I am not joking. This is a book that kept my entire attention from the very beginning until the end, and not many books can do that. This has something in it for everyone: mystery, romance, contemporary concerns, and true faith. This is a book that is clean and well-written.

    In light of current media stories where people go missing far too often, this was a smart topic to cover in this book. The author kept me guessing almost until the very end. At one point,