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Moral allegory and spiritual autobiography, The Little Prince is the most translated book in the French language. With a timeless charm it tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe, learning the vagaries of adult behaviour through a series of extraordinary encounters. His personal odyssey culminates in a voyage to Earth and further adventures....

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The Little Prince Reviews

  • Anne

    There's a huge place in my heart for this little world-in-a-book; I read it first when I was wee, again many times since. A review won't do it justice, so I'll quote one of my favorite passages and risk sentimentality:


    "Nothing is perfect," sighed the fox.

    But he came back to his idea.

    "My life's very monotonous," he said. "I hunt chickens; men hunt me.

    All chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike.

    And in consequence, I am a little bored.

    But if you tame me, it'll be as if the sun ca

  • Erin

    We are all children in adults bodies. Yes we are, don't think we aren't for one moment. The fact that we WERE, indeed, children, is a huge part of each of us. It is possible to shed a few appreciative tears on every page of this book if you entertain the thought that the pilot IS The Little Prince. Maybe you won't think that--maybe you'll have your own take on the book---that's the magic about it. This book is translated to English from French. If you understand and/or appreciate French, the del ...more

  • Paul Bryant

    In a grimy underground locked public toilet The Little Prince wakes slowly, he’s been out cold for hours. He’s bleeding from a gash on his upper arm. He finds he is chained by leg irons to the wall. There is another person sharing his predicament. It’s a bear, also chained to the opposite wall. In the center of the floor is the corpse of what appears to be donkey in a pool of blood. Near the corpse are a gun, a tape recorder and a saw.

    “Grownups are very strange,” said the Little Prince to himse

  • Kai

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    I remember, when I was little, I had this round CD case and it contained an audiobook. Now as a child I loved audiobooks, or someone reading stories to me. Still do today, actually. Anyway, the audiobook was titled The Little Prince, and I listened to it quite often. That, however, was at least 10 years ago, possibly more. So I decided that it was time for a reread. (I'm sorry to say that I cannot fin

  • فرشاد

    یاد آن روزها که بلندترین ساختمان شهر، سیلوی گندم بود بخیر، آن روز ها، عصر که میشد میرفتم در حیاط خانه و جایی پشت بوته گل رز پنهان میشدم، آن وقت به انتظار گربه های ی بخت برگشته مینشتم. سر و کله یکی شان که پیدا میشد، با لنگه کفش کهنه به سوی ش نشانه میرفتم و سپس پرتابی بی نهایت جانانه. با تمام این اوصاف چابکی گربه از دقت نشانه گیری من افزون بود و تیر هرگز به هدف اصابت نمیکرد. جز یکبار که کفش کهنه به کمر گربه نگون بخت برخورد کرد و گربه فریادی از سر درد و غافلگیر ی برآورد. آن روز اولین باری بود که خو

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    574. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه می سال 1982؛ سال 1994 میلادی؛ ماه فوریه سال 2001 و ماه نوامبر سال 2006 میلادی

    شهریار کوچولو - کتاب قرن بیستم - آنتوان دو سنت اگزوپری (امیرکبیر و نگاه)، برگردان احمد شاملو، ادبیات

    از بچه ها عذر میخواهم که این کتاب را به یکی از بزرگترها هدیه کرده ام. برای این کار یک دلیل حسابی دارم: این «بزرگتر» بهترین دوست من، تو همه ی دنیاست. یک دلیل دیگرم هم این که این «بزرگتر» همه چیز را میتواند بفهمد، حتا کتابهایی را که برای بچه ها نوشته با

  • أحمد

    يقولون إنه من كُتب الأطفال! وأظن أن من يعتقد ذلك عَجَز عن فهم الكتاب. فهو ليس كتابا للأطفال، وإنما هو حُلمٌ عجيب لطفل كبير حكيم! حلم يبحث في دهشة عن حقيقة هذا العالم، ويسخر من شوائبه الزائلة، وممن يعتقد أنه "نضج" وفهم "الأمور المهمة" جيدا! هذا الكتاب ميزان للناس، من يقرؤه يعرف مكانه، ومن قرأه ولم يعرف مكانه، فهو في لا مكان!

    أحمد الديب

    مايو 2010

    تحديث: كتبت مقالًا عن الفيلم المتحرك المبني على قصة الأمير الصغير، وهذا رابطه:

  • Brian Michels

    A little review for little prince:

    Once you get over the hyped mystique and granduer too often hitched to this little book, I think it's not a stretch to look at it for what it is. The more appropriate title should be: How To Train A Little Fascist. Aside from being obviously sentimental it was also a bit boring. I refuse to let my kid read it.