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Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

In the critically acclaimed memoir Girl Meets God, Lauren F. Winner chronicled her sojourn from Judaism to Christianity. Now, in Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, Winner describes how experiences of loss and failure unexpectedly slam her into a wall of doubt and spiritual despair: My belief has faltered, my sense of Gods closeness has grown strained, my efforts at living in accord with what I take to be the call of the gospel have come undone.Witty, relatable, and fiercely honest, Winner lays bare her experience of what she calls the middle of the spiritual life. In elegant and spare prose, she explores whyin the midst of the overwhelming anxiety, loneliness, and boredom of her deepest questioning about where (or if) God isthe Christian story still explains who she is better than any other story shes ever known. Still is an absorbing meditation combining literary grace with spiritual wisdom. It is sure to resonate with anyone looking to sustain a spiritual life in the midst of real life....

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Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis Reviews

  • Susan Barnes

    Lauren Winner's first book, Girl Meets God is the story of her conversion to Christian faith from a Jewish background. This book, Still, is "notes on a mid-faith crisis" and is a collection of thoughts, stories, poems and quotes from a period of time when Lauren's faith wavered. The crisis was brought on by the death of her mother and the failure of her five year marriage. She had married three weeks after her mother died and I wonder if grief had more of an impact on her marriage than she ackno ...more

  • Thomas

    This one just wasn't for me. Although, it's a little difficult to say exactly why. Winner is a gifted writer, but I found this book very ... careful. Too careful, I guess, at least in the more narrative sections of the book. There's flashes of risk and the "fierce honesty" promised by the advertising copy, but these are few and far between. Winner suggests that this book isn't a memoir in her introduction, but it is very "memoir-ish" (especially "Part 1") and I wonder if the book would have been

    I am one of those overeducated library types who might be expected to look down her nose at self-help books—but the whole bookstore is a self-help section to me. When something needs to be fixed, when I need something to change, my first and abiding instinct is to read. I think I can read my way to a solution. Or at least an evasion.


  • Abby

    I have loved several of Lauren Winner’s other books, especially her conversion memoir “Girl Meets God,” so I was very curious about “Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis.” Written out of the spiritual torment she faced grieving her mother’s death and doubting her faith in a difficult marriage resulting in an (admittedly) unjustifiable divorce, Winner tells her raw story of doubt and faith. Many times, it seemed that her “journal-entryish” writing (like CS Lewis’ “A Grief Observed,” but a bit more ...more

  • Diana

    I reviewed this for The United Methodist Reporter. What I'll say here is that she's better trained as a theologian than Anne Lamott, but not nearly as outrageous and funny. Still, a good read, and informative. I think I'll like her better when she's a bit more aged.

  • Katie

    Dark Night of the Evangelical Hipster Chick

    After reading an advance copy of Lauren Winner’s new (forthcoming in February) memoir Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, it occurred to me that far more egocentric than writing a book all about oneself is the feat of writing a book all about oneself and trying to play it off as a book about anyone or anything else.

    Furthermore, the one thing more outrageously premature and obnoxious than writing a memoir—a spiritual memoir, no less—before old or even mi

  • Jeremy

    Some beautiful moments in this "non-memoir-that-still-reads-like-a-memoir" particularly these chapters: "in boston, theology for the middle", "reading the bible in eight places", "easter vigil" and and "a sunday morning in massachusetts". But I kept finding myself wondering what insights Winner's experience and reflection has to over the general public. Why was this book published? Her writing is engaging and I don't want to write her work off as narcissistic, but it does come across that way at ...more

  • Kate

    While I am no longer in a mid-faith crisis of my own, it helped me heal even further to read Lauren Winner's elegant, funny, humbled account of her own existential moment in "the middle." I was dissatisfied with the ending, however - we had been on a journey, but I'm not sure we ever arrived anywhere. Maybe that's part of the point, but it was frustrating all the same. When I finished the book, I realized the book didn't really explore the visceral depths of Winner's dark night of the soul - but ...more

  • Patty

    This is the second book of Winner's that I have read recently. She claims this is not a memoir, but I believe that when you write about your faith crisis, the book has to be a memoir. There is too much of Winner in this for it not to qualify as autobiography.

    It has been awhile since I have experienced the "dark night of the soul". Winner reminded me of what it is like and how such a time can affect your faith life. I think this book is excellent, well written and true. I suspect that I will revi